Alweer een gedeelte van de manga en comics titels die deze week binnen komen.


mangawinkel Dandadan 7 manga en comics arnhem boekenwinkel de noorman

Dandadan 7

Okarun and the others emerge victorious in their fight against the serpent god, but one lingering threat remains the Evil Eye's possession of Jiji. Even Grandma Seiko's exorcism is of no use. To complicate matters further, whenever Jiji comes into contact with cold water, the Evil Eye regains control and attacks! Out of options, the group decides their best course of action is to watch over Jiji together until a proper exorcism can be performed whenever that may be!


Komi can't communicate 29 mangawinkel manga boekenwinkel arnjem stripboekwinkel

Komi can't communicate 29

Itan High is in danger! Proxy Chair Icho has accidentally placed the school on the chopping block, but the students still have one way to save their beloved institution study camp! There's another school at the camp, though, and their star pupil is someone special from Tadano's past. How will Komi handle the scholastic and romantic competition?


manga Pokemon Sword & shield 9 boekenwinkel stripboekwinkel arnhem mangawinkel

Pokemon Sword & shield 9

Eternatus, the Gigantic Pokémon, has appeared! And with Galar in chaos due to the Gigantamax phenomenon occurring all over the region, Henry and Casey's only hope of defeating Eternatus-and stopping the Gigantamax evolutions-is with the help of two powerful Pokémon-Zacian and Zamazenta! Can two Pokémon find the legendary gears in time to stop Eternatus.


Splatoon Splatlands mangawinkel manga arnhem stripboekwinkel de noorman comics

Splatoon Splatlands

Goggles travels to the Splatlands, meets an inkling named Braid, and embarks on a fresh series of adventures set in the world of Splatoon!