Alweer een gedeelte van de manga en comics die as. donderdag binnen komen.


manga Komi cant communicate 30 stipboekenwinkel arnhem comics

Komi cant communicate 30

Kawai isn't used to defeat, but by the end of the study camp it's clear that Komi has her beat in the one subject that really matters Tadano's affections! While Komi is happy that Tadano's heart wasn't actually up for grabs, her victory is bittersweet when she sees how lost Kawai seems now that their battle is over. Can Komi turn a failed love rival into a true friend?


manga arnhem Naruto konohas story steam ninja boekwinkel stripboekenwinkel strips

Naruto konohas story steam ninja

Mirai Sarutobi has a lot to live up to as the granddaughter of Konoha's third Hokage and the daughter of Asuma Sarutobi, the hero who gave up his life during the Great Shinobi War. But as everyone continues to expect great things from her, she struggles to separate herself from her family's legacy and find her own way.


manga kopen Wild beast forest house stripboekenwinkel de noorman manga winkel arnhem

Wild beast forest house

The hit Boys Love comic with over 10 million views on Webtoon, available for the first time in print! 'Wild Beast' is the only place in the forest where wild animals can rest under the promise of not hurting each other. When the owner, a wolf called Ragnar, receives the unexpected visit of Yule, a domestic cat, he foresees the boy's going to bring him trouble. But maybe something else too...?