De eerste manga en comic titels van deze week.


My hero academia 34 mangawinkel stripboekhandel de noorman

My hero academia 34

All For One's will has taken root in Tomura's mind, and this new entity is now a global threat. Even so, the United Nations is hesitant to dispatch heroes to Japan, but Star and Stripe-the U.S.A.'s number one hero-arrives to tackle this menace head-on. In the skies over the Pacific, the combatants size each other up, trying to gain an advantage, but there's no telling who'll be left standing after the dust settles on this epic duel.


manga kopen arnhem stripboek winkel One punch man 25

One punch man 25

In an underground labyrinth, Puri-Puri Prisoner encounters Garo, who is now stronger than ever! Meanwhile, Saitama teams up with the hero Flash while both are lost underground. On the surface, Nyaan toys with Class-A heroes until Drive Knight appears!



Pokemon adventures X Y 5

In Kalos, X prepares for a rematch against Blue, a senior Pokédex holder. Meanwhile, the scheming Lysandre and Team Flare are up to no good at the mysterious Pokémon Village. Plus, a Mega Evolution occurs, the powerful Sundial is uncovered, and the Order Pokémon appears. What other new dangers await X, Y, and their friends?


Wolf girl black prince  manga kopen arnhem stripboekwinkel arnhem de noorman

Wolf girl black prince 1

Sogetsu may have been released from the emperor's cruelty, but he's not yet completely free of his ordeal. In order to survive the experiments he suffered through, Sogetsu's mind splintered into many personalities…and only one of them made it out of the inner palace. Now he is racked with guilt over being the wrong Sogetsu, and the agony of feeling unworthy of being rescued is pushing him into unexpected action!


Yo-kai watch 21 de noorman manga winkel

Yo-kai watch 21

Nathan Adams is a very ordinary elementary school student with one extraordinary difference-he's got a Yo-Kai Watch, a device that lets him see mischievous spirits that are invisible to the human eye! Nate encounters all kinds of wacky Yo-Kai, including one that makes you lose things, one that gives you a prickly throat, an irritating sticky Yo-kai, and an unbearable itchy Yo-kai. Can Nate use the Yo-Kai Watch to deal with these annoying Yo-Kai? Read and find out! 


manga winkel Last game 1mangawinkel stripboekwinkel de noorman arnhem

Last game 1

The beloved shojo tale of one-sided rivalry, revenge, and romance! In elementary school, the rich and spoiled Yanagi Naoto was known for excelling in both studies and sports. But then he suffered the first setback of his life when Kujou Mikoto, a girl from a poor family, transferred to his school and performed better than Naoto at every turn. Reeling from this unforgivable blow to his pride, Naoto decided that he had to make Mikoto lose at something by making her lose her heart to him, which he could then break! Now that they're both in college, will Naoto finally be able to win Mikoto's affections--or will he lose this final game with her?


manga winkel Reincarnated as a sword 12 stripboekwinkel de noorman

Reincarnated as a sword 12

When a 30-year-old salaryman and games enthusiast is suddenly killed in a car accident, he finds himself reborn into a fantasy world… but in the form of a sword! Now he's in search of a beautiful woman to wield him, and a cat girl named Fran might be the exact adventuring partner he needs


Shaman king flowers 2 mangawinkel stripboek winkel de noorman arnhem

Shaman king flowers 2

Hana Asakura is drifting through his gloomy life at Funbarigaoka, until one day he gets some surprise visitors: Yohane and Luca Asakura, two members of a secret branch of his family, and Alumi, the Third Itako Anna who claims to be Hana's fiancée! In the midst of the chaos, Alumi tells him about a new battle to come: the mysterious "Flower of Maize." Things are heating up for the new generation of shamans in Volume 2!


Who made me a princess 1 mangawinkel stripboekwinkel arnhem de noorman

Who made me a princess 1

 Spoon In this full-color fantasy comic/webtoon, a modern woman is reincarnated as the doomed princess in a romance novel--and reaches out to grab a new future with both baby fists! The story of Athanasia, forsaken princess of the Obelian Empire, ends with her execution at the hands of her own father--or does it? Her tragic tale is the plot of the novel The Lovely Princess. But now, a modern woman who read the book has just woken up as baby Athanasia herself, filled with her own memories and knowledge of the story she's stuck in! Determined to survive her doomed fate, infant Athanasia embarks on this new life with a plan: avoid attention and hoard valuables to fund her escape. When her plan goes awry, she suddenly needs to charm her way into the good graces of her father, the beautiful tyrant emperor, so he doesn't kill her again!


manga winkel Yakuzas bias 1 stripboekwinkel de noorman

Yakuzas bias 1

Takeru is one of the top lieutenants in the feared yakuza outift the Oshio-gumi. He lives his life by the code of the Japanese underworld, where nothing is more important than loyalty, and ties between soldiers and their aniki are sacred bonds. Takeru's never had time for hobbies... until the boss's only daughter Megumi drags him to a K-pop concert, and he sees the glittering, charistmatic Jun for the first time. Smitten like a new recruit on his first job, Takeru plunges into fandom with the solemnity and passion only a true man who walks the way of the yakuza could muster.