mangawinkel My new life as a cat 2 manga marvel stripboeken

My new life as a cat 2

Nao Kazushiro is a normal high school student-until he gets in a traffic accident and winds up in the body of a cat! At first, it's all fun and games as he gets used to his new form, but then the novelty wears off and the hunger sets in. Luckily, he's picked up by Chika, a girl his age, who gives him food and a home off the streets. She's paw-fully sweet and pretty, but meanwhile he's still in a furry feline body! Will Nao (now Nyao) ever get his human form back, or will fur end up flying instead of sparks?



No longer allowed in another world

A second life in another world with cute girls by your side and video gamey powers-sounds like a dream, right? Not so for a certain melancholy author, who would quite literally rather drop dead. Honestly, all the fantastical adventure is just getting in the way of his poetic dream of finding the perfect place to die. But no matter how much he risks his hide, everything seems to keep turning out okay. Will our terminally depressed hero find a new lease on life in this cheerfully bleak isekai comedy?


Stan Lee behind marvel mangawinkel manga arnhem de noorman strisp

Stan Lee behind marvel

The definitive biography of Marvel legend Stan Lee, now adapted for young readers. Stan Lee's extraordinary life was as epic as the superheroes he co-created, from the Amazing Spider-Man to the Mighty Avengers. In this young adult edition of Stan Lee: The Man Behind Marvel, Bob Batchelor explores how Lee, born in the Roaring Twenties and growing up in the Great Depression, capitalized on natural talent and hard work to become the editor of Marvel Comics as a teenager. Lee went on to introduce the world to heroes that were complex, funny, and fallible, just like their creator and just like all of us. Featuring amazingly detailed illustrations by artist Jason Piperberg.


manga Dandadan 4 mangawinkel marvel strips stripboekwinkel de noorman

Dandadan 4

The banana-stealing Serpoians are back! And they've trapped Okarun, Momo, and Aira in a void to have another go at stealing their reproductive organs. The subsequent battle causes the powers of the Acrobatic Silky dwelling within Aira to awaken, and she temporarily joins forces with Momo and Okarun. But will they be any match for their opponents after the aliens merge with their minions to form an even greater being?!


Dr stone 26 mangawinkel manga comics en marvel stripboeken

Dr stone 26

Senku has reached that final frontier his own father once traversed-outer space! Unfortunately, the moon mission runs into a sudden, unexpected crisis. Who or what is Why-Man's true identity? And what fate awaits humanity? The science-powered adventure comes to its dramatic conclusion! 


manga winkel Elusive samurai 7 stripboekwinkel marvel mangaschop

Elusive samurai 7

With Shinano under intense surveillance by enemy spies, Yorishige has sent Tokiyuki to Kyo, the capital city of Japan, to stay until things cool down. Accompanied by his uncle, Hojo Yasuie, Tokiyuki must learn all he can about his enemy's intentions. Entranced by the sights and sounds of the city-and the flashy hostess of a gambling den-Tokiyuki discovers even more about his own ability to get people on his side. Surrounded by Ashikaga Takauji's intrigues in Kyo, he'll need all the allies he can get


manga kopen henshin blazing Phoenix  mangawinkel marvel stripboeken arnhem de noorman

Henshin blazing Phoenix 1

Becoming a superhero isn't easy! Alex must balance becoming a superhero tasked with defeating Kaiju, making it as a journalism student, and navigating life as a gay man in modern Europe. Nine years after a mysterious ecological disaster, journalism students Alex and Rosalia investigate the strange company that rebuilt their city and turned it into a vision of the future-that is, until Alex's world is turned upside down by a chance encounter with a gigantic monster from another world, a Kaiju, and the mysterious masked hero fighting it! Inheriting the masked hero's power, Alex must now take on these powerful Kaiju when he transforms into the hero Blaze. Alex never imagined his cozy college life becoming deadly, but that's just what happens as his battles uncover an unholy connection between his city, the most powerful company in Europe, and the Kaiju. Can he uncover the secret before it's too late?


manga butterfly mangawinkel

Like a butterfly 1

After Kawasumi rescues her from an unwelcome admirer, Suiren finds herself captivated by him. However, Suiren is too shy to speak to anyone, much less this reserved karate boy. What's more, Suiren isn't the only one interested in Kawasumi. Will a class trip offer the opportunity to reveal her feelings before it's too late?


mangwinkel One piece 103 stripboeken stripboekwinkel de noorman arnhem

One piece 103

With Zolo and Sanji's fights having concluded in victory, Luffy and Kaido's rematch starts to really heat up. But that's not all that's boiling up on the battlefield, as Big Mom prepares to finish off Law and Kid!


Marvel verse Spider-woman manga winkel stripboek de noorman

Marvel verse Spider-woman

To know her is to fear her - and to love her! Spider-Woman is one of the most captivating heroes in all the Marvel-Verse - and definitely one of the best dressed! Jessica Drew finalizes her iconic costume, pits her venom blasts against a criminal pair's deadly lasers and beguiles S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jerry Hunt! And when Spider-Woman meets Spider-Man, she accuses him of imitating her! But has Peter Parker arrived in Los Angeles just as Jessica has turned to a life of crime? Then, monster madness unites Jess with the Hulk! And finally, prepare for a Spider-Woman's eye view of a cosmic event! As the Avengers head into space to confront the unstoppable Builder fleet, Jessica will show exactly why she is one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes!


Mighty Mmw Amazing Spider-man marvel strips stripboeken arnhem

Mighty Mmw Amazing Spider-man 4

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created an unabashed cultural phenomenon in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! Their dramatic blend of Peter Parker's everyday woes mixed with his web-slinging alter ego's exploits was something undeniably special. And after years of perfecting that formula, Lee and Ditko unleashed their Spider-Man masterpiece: the Master Planner saga! It's as perfect a Spider-Man story as you'll ever find, including one of the most iconic moments in Marvel history! Plus: Peter's first days on campus at Empire State University introduce you to Gwen Stacy, tease something strange afoot with Norman Osborn and feature villains from the colorful (Kraven the Hunter) to the crazed (J. Jonah Jameson)!


mangawinkel Shaman king flowers stripboeken arnhem

Shaman king flowers

Hana Asakura finds that being the son of Yoh & Anna Asakura isn't all it's cracked up to be, and his boredom has him itching for any kind of excitement. But when a fight comes straight to his doorstep, it's from a place he least expects-his own family? The battle for Asakura supremacy begins!