Alvast een gedeelte van de nieuwe manga en comics die deze week gaan binnen komen.


manga arnhem Golden kamuy 31 mangawinkel de Noorman strips

Golden kamuy 31

After escaping the battle with Lieutenant Tsurumi's forces at Goryokaku, Sugimoto, Asirpa, Hijikata, and their comrades board a train headed for Hakodate. Unfortunately, the train is loaded with Tsurumi's 7th Division troops! The quest for the gold has become a bloody struggle for the Ainu deed, the fate of Hokkaido, and the Ainu people. As the train hurtles toward the end of the line, with the future in the balance, Sugimoto and Asirpa face Tsurumi for the last time. This epic story of survival, death, betrayal, madness, redemption, family, love, and honor comes to a close in the final volume of Golden Kamuy!


mangawinkel One punch man 27 manga arnhem de noorman stripboekwinkel

One punch man 27

Psychos intends to fuse with Orochi, the Monster King, which would give them immense power against Tornado. Superalloy confronts Garo and experiences fear of his opponent's strength. Meanwhile, Saitama gets caught up in a cave-in in the Monster Association's underground labyrinth!


Queen in comics manga stripboeken

Queen in comics

Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Freddie Mercury form one of the greatest rock bands in the world. Under the leadership of its charismatic singer, Queen is a planetary success for each hit with its decadent shows, inimitable aesthetics and style. 'Bohemian Rhapsody', 'We Are the Champions', 'Don't Stop Me Now' or even 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' are just some of the hits! Discover the great stories and little secrets surrounding the legend!


manga Steel celestial shadows  mangawinkel stripboeken boekwinkel

Steel of the celestial shadows 1

It is said that a samurai's spirit rests in their sword-and Ryudo can't even pick one up! Destitute and hopeless, he decides to end it all. But when a beautiful and mysterious woman saves his life and his soul, it is the beginning of Ryudo's journey into a strange world of magic that exists a step away from his own.


mangawinkel Tokyo these days  stripboeken arnhem de noorman

Tokyo these days 1

On his last day as an editor, Shiozawa takes a train he's ridden hundreds of times before to impart some last advice to a manga creator whose work he used to edit. Some time after, he is drawn to return to a bookshop at the request of a junior editor who wants Shiozawa's help dealing with an incorrigible manga creator who refuses to work with any editor but him. For this manga editor, Tokyo these days is full of memory and is cocooned in the inescapable bonds between manga creators, their editors, art, and life itself.


manga arnhem Send them a farewell gift stripboeken boekwinkel

Send them a farewell gift for the lost time

For four years, Naruse was swept up in his love for his novelist boyfriend, Toui. But tiring of his flightiness and lack of commitment, Naruse finally walks away from his relationship. Or at least, he tries to. Every time he runs into Toui, they seem to get tangled in one another's emotions and end up sleeping together. They argue and fight, then afterwards comes the pang of regret. Maybe their relationship is doomed to fail. Or maybe, it just needs a new angle.


Record of ragnarok 9 manga arnhem mangawinkel

Record of ragnarok 9

In the Valhalla arena, Raiden Tameemon stands ready to fight for humanity after unleashing his superhuman muscles. Representing the gods, Shiva the Destroyer is confident of his eventual victory. As the two square off, Loki follows a hunch, seeking the secret of Volund, the power the Valkyries use to merge with the human heroes' weapons. What he finds is an insolent Buddha who might know something about it. But getting the answer might require an unsanctioned brawl between two rowdy groups of gods and human heroes!