Certain magical index 26

As the Amakusa Church struggle to protect Touma from Acqua of the Back, member of God's Right Seat, Kaori Kanzaki rushes to their aid! It's Saint versus Saint as the two monsters battle in a duel to the death! 


Demon sword master of excalibur 1

One thousand years ago, Leonis Death Magnus, undead sorcerer and the greatest of the Dark Lords, entered magical stasis during a climactic battle. When he awakens, he finds a beautiful silver-haired young woman named Riselia standing before him. More shockingly, Leonis has been transformed into a ten-year old boy! Now he'll have to adapt to this strange era and deal with the twisted monsters called Voids-all while keeping his true powers a secret from his lovely new guardian.


Hirano & Kagiura 1

Basketball players. Bad boys who aren't really bad boys. Roommates. Senpai kouhai BL romance. It all started when Kagiura moved into the school dorms with what seemed to be a bad-boy upperclassman. But after he's left in the tender care of his mother hen of a roommate, Hirano, it's too much to ask for Kagiura not to fall in love right? 


Overlord 16

The time has come for the 'sacrifices' who chose to invade Nazarick of their own free will to be punished for their crimes. Will any of them be able to escape from Ainz's stronghold with their lives.



Tomb raider king

Tomb raider Jooheon, betrayed and left to die, finds himself transported 15 years in the past. Armed with years of raiding experience and knowledge of what is to come in the world of relics, does Jooheon have what it takes to become the Tomb Raider King? 


Touring after the apocalypse

With a surprisingly upbeat tone, readers of Girls' Last Tour will enjoy this trip through apocalyptic Japan. All alone after the end of days, two girls bike through the empty ruins of Japan-and they're not about to let the collapse of civilization get in the way of sightseeing! Even when the world ends, their journey goes on.


Jojo bizarre adventure 6

What do Michelangelo, Clint Eastwood, Lady Gaga, Stephen King, and Gianni Versace have in common? They are among the thousand and one influences of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, one of the most unclassifiable mangas of all time. This is also one of the most popular ones, with more than 100 million copies sold in Japan and a publication that has been going since 1987! Between portraits of artists, behind-the-scenes tales, in-depth analyses and a critical essay, this book investigates every aspects of this crazy work, which has become a worldwide pop-cultural phenomenon.


You like me not my daughter

A beautiful mother, a pining tutor, and romantic hijinks await in this hot mom romcom! When Ayako's sister died, leaving her young daughter all alone, Ayako stepped up and took the child into her life. Now that her niece/adopted daughter is a teenager, a 30-something Ayako can sense first love in the air. Ayako teases her daughter about Takumi, their handsome and college-aged neighbor, who's been tutoring her since she was young-could they be a blossoming couple, since he's always beaming when he comes to their house? To Ayako's surprise, Takumi isn't interested in daughter dearest he's long had a crush on Ayako herself! In this age gap romantic comedy, one young man is ready to bring a little sugar to the sexy mom next door.