Alweer vast de eerste nieuwe manga en comics van deze week.


manga bungo stray dogs arnhem

Bungo stray dogs wan 5

The members of the Armed Detective Agency switch bodies, the girls have a special late-night chat, and the twin duos of Twin Dark new and old turn into magical girls. Every day brings a new surprise in this alternate look at Bungo Stray Dogs!


mangashop Call name of night  manga winkel de noorman arnhem

Call name of night 2

Unable to speak to strangers due to her affliction, Mira lives a mostly solitary existence-until a visitor appears on her and the good doctor's doorstep. With a cute, fluffy goat-like look that calms Mira's anxiety, and enchanting stories of a mysterious object, the visitor quickly captivates Mira's attention, for better or worse.


manga arnhem Devil is part-timer anthology mangawinkel stripboeken

Devil is part-timer anthology

The Devil King and his friends check out a wedding venue, buy swimsuits to work at the beach and…get marooned on a desert island?! This collection of original comic stories, drawn by a lineup of artists and fans of the series, collects episodes which may, or may not, have taken place during the main story!


Horimiya memorial manga winkel stripboeken marvel strips

Horimilya memorial

A snapshot of the sweet 'aww'-inspiring tale of school life!! Celebrating the first hundred chapters of Horimiya, collected in this memorial book are a treasure trove of original illustrations posted in commemoration of new chapter releases, a sneak peek at a few of the storyboards before they went to print and more!


Imitation mangawinkel manga en comics stripboekwinkel


As a member of the obscure idol group Tea Party, Ma-Ha dreams of becoming a big star one day. Little did she know that she'd go viral so soon by embarrassing herself in a popular talk show! But as the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity right?


manga winkel arnhem My mate is a feline gentleman stripboeken marvel dc

My mate is a feline gentleman

When Toushirou is hired as a servant for beastman diplomat Alex, he fears the very worst. As an omega, he's gotten used to being treated as a mere plaything, and he prepares to once again 'serve' his feline master. But to his surprise, Alex is appalled by the treatment of omegas in Japan and treats him with a kindness he's never experienced before. Little by little, Toushirou's feelings begin to change.


mangawinkel Saint nope monster tame manga arnhem ainimee

Saint nope monster tame

Kanata is a girl so gifted with magic that people swear up and down she's the second coming of a saint. But when it comes time for her to choose a job, she settles on...Monster Taming? In truth, Kanata is the reincarnation of a friendless woman from the modern world. To make up for lost time, she sets off on a quest to gather as many fluffy creatures as she can get her hands on!


shy 3 mangashop manga de noorman stripboeken

Shy 3

Still stinging from their battle with Stigma and Tzveta, Shy and the other heroes must take extraordinary measures to stop the Amarariruku's rampage. Their investigation eventually brings them to Spirit's home country, Russia-but what awaits them there?


manga Summer hikaru died marvel strips arnhem

Summer hikaru died

When Yoshiki struggles to accept the new Hikaru, he's given a glimpse of what's lurking inside his best friend. But will that be the final straw that drives Yoshiki away for good?


The boxer 3 manga en comics marvel strips

The boxer 3

The wild beast, Qasim. The monster, Yu. These two inhumanly strong rookies are setting fire to the professional lightweight boxing scene, and Qasim won't be satisfied until he's crowned champion atop a throne of pummeled opponents. But before he can challenge the reigning king, he has to get through Yu.


Black butler 32 mangawinkel stripboeken arnhem manga en marvel strips

Black butler 32

Baldo is currently a loyal servant of the Phantomhive estate, but who was he before? What led to his legacy as the immortal soldier, and what convinced him to put down his musket for a chef's knife? His mission at the hospital for veterans brings up memories buried deep within!


Beauty and feast 9 manga comics dc marvel strips de noorman arnhem

Beaty and feast 9

December means lots of hardcore training in the basics for the baseball team! Amidst all that, Yamato's gotten Shuko a birthday cake at the local bakery. But when he has to make a mad dash home with it after practice runs late, will the cake survive intact?


hulk marvel strips de noorman

Hulk bu donny cates 2

Journey to a Hulk Planet! Thoroughly shaken by his battle with Thor - and by Titan's impact on his friends  Bruce Banner finds what should be the ultimate paradise an entire planet of Hulk-like creatures thriving under the heat of a gamma star. But even at the center of a civilization that worships him, Bruce can't shake thoughts of the past and he should know by now that he can never find peace for long. For Titan, the darkest part of the Hulk, refuses to remain caged like an animal. And when Titan finally breaks free, he'll be looking for a vicious and violent fight!