Alweer de eerste manga en comic titels die deze week gaan binnen komen.


Ako & Bambi manga en comis de noorman mangawinkel arnhem

Ako & Bambi 1

When amateur novelist Bambi moves into a new, cheap place, he's shocked to find it's already occupied-by the ghost of a high school girl. With one amnesiac ghost girl Ako haunting the apartment, the stories practically write themselves! But as the days pass and they get closer, he starts wondering exactly who she is and what she is to him. From the author of Horimiya comes a sweet slice of life that transcends the boundaries of life and death! 


Holox meeting manga arnhem stripboekwinkel stripboeken comics

Holox meeting 1

La+ Darknesss. Takane Lui. Hakui Koyori. Kazama Iroha. And Sakamata Chloe. Collectively known as Secret Society holoX, their goal is nothing less than world domination! But how exactly did they end up as Virtual YouTubers? Discover the origins of the self proclaimed rightful rulers of Eden's planet in this story based on the mega-popular stars of hololive. 


manga arnhem mangawinkel Mint chocolate 10 de noorman stripboeken

Mint chocolate 10

Suzumura and Nanami are getting their fill of hot springs and flirting on the Suzumura family vacation. During the trip, they get the feeling that Suzumura's dad has figured out their relationship.


mangawinkel Overlord 18 manga arnhem boekwinkel stripboeken

Overlord 18

To gain leverage in negotiations with Ainz Ooal Gown, Barbro, the first prince of the Re Estize Kingdom attacks Carne Village. Then suddenly, in the Katze Plains, Ganzef and the others lead the army of the King of Darkness in preparing for battle.


MANGA Taking care of god 1 stripboekwinkel arnhem de noorman

Taking care of god 1

One strange day, roughly 20,000 otherworldly spaceships flew into stable orbit around the Earth. After six months with no contact from the mysterious spacecrafts, in a certain Asian village, a young girl named Zihan discovers an old man who fell from the sky. Soon, many more elderly drifters in similar clothing begin popping up all over the world-their numbers surpassing two billion in total. What is the goal of these mysterious visitors? Find out in this adaptation of a story by the popular Chinese sci-fi author, Cixin Liu!


mang arnhem Unholy blood 1 mangawinkel stripboekwinkel de noorman

Unholy blood 1

All pure blooded vampire Hayan Park wanted to do was live a normal life. But the rise of half-bloods ten years ago transformed the world into a dangerous and frightening place robbing her of her one true wish. Determined to return Korea to how it used to be, Hayan teams up with local police captain Euntae Hwang to wipe out the bloodthirsty killers in a tale of hot-blooded romance and revenge.


manga store Blue lock 11 stripboeken

Blue lock 11

With seconds left on the clock, Isagi manages to weave a masterful play until Rin Itoshi and what seems like a stroke of bad luck deal the definitive blow. But what role does luck really play in a soccer match? Ego is eager to impart his wisdom on the advancing players, with the unknowns of the Third Selection looming just ahead.


Blue wolves of mibu manga kopen arnhem

Blue wolves of mibu

It's 1863, the twilight of the shogunate, and Japan is on the cusp of monumental change. The streets of the nation's capital are soaked in blood as political upheaval and rising tensions between masterless, wandering ronin and government samurai set the stage for one of the most turbulent times in Japan's history. Young orphan Nio is no stranger to the harsh realities of the world, and yet he can't help but cling to his burning passion for justice and desire to change the world for the better. One day, he crosses paths with two men who will become central figures of the coming revolution Hijikata Toshizo and Okita Souji, two of the founding members of a group of hated ronin known as the Miburowould later become known as the Shinsengumi. Inspired by the efforts of the so-called 'Blues Wolves of Mibu,' Nio decides to join the ranks to help carve a path to the world he wishes to see. But with new betrayals and reversals every day, will Nio be able to stay true to his conscience?