Alweer alvast een gedeelte van manga en comics die donderdag 22 maart verschijnen.


manga Alice in Borderland 9 de noorman stripboekwinkel boekwinkel arnhem

Alice in Borderland 9

After stumbling on a secret Dealers bunker, Arisu is even more determined to uncover the terrible truth behind Borderland. But that means he and Usagi will have to abandon their plans to sit out the games and instead seek one of the last people who might have the answers-the Queen of Hearts. Will taking on the queen get them any closer to finding their way home, or will it be their final game?


manga winkel Black summoner 1 arnhem stripboeken

Black summoner 1

Fight the strong and win-if you can't do that, you're a weakling! A boy finds himself in a strange place, with no memory of his past. His name is Kelvin, and he soon discovers that he's been transmigrated to another world, giving up even his memories in exchange for extremely powerful abilities! Thus, he begins his journey as the world's strongest Summoner-challenging one mighty adversary after the other, gathering allies, and discovering his calling as a true battle junkie!!


mangawinkel Clock striker 1 manga stripboekwinkel boekwinkel stripboeken arnhem

Clock striker 1

Issaka Galadima Cast dreams of being a SMITH, but no one in her small town ever realizes their dreams. Besides, these legendary warrior engineers haven't been seen in years and were never known for having female members. Fortunately, Cast meets one surviving member named Ms. Philomena Clock, who agrees to take her on as her apprentice, or striker.


manga kopen arnhem Magilumiere magical girls

Magilumiere magical girls 1

Kana Sakuragi is an excellent candidate for the job. Any job! She's motivated and organized, and has a fantastic memory. So why has she interviewed at over 15 companies without a single offer? She's trying to keep a positive attitude, but it seems like her bad luck is only getting worse when a monster crashes her latest interview. As havoc ensues, she finds herself helping the magical girl who comes to their rescue and ends up with more than just her life in return. Meet the newest magical girl at Magilumiere Magical Girls Inc!


mangawinkel manga kopen Seraph end vampire reig

Seraph end vampire reign 29

Given the choice of two extremes, Yu picks a third option-instead of following Guren or the First's plans, he'll forge his own path. He takes Mika and leaves Shinoa squad, vowing to resurrect everybody! But to do that, the two first have to delve into their pasts and learn what's really going on. And to make that dive, Yu's going to need a lot of energy, but provisions are scarce. The two resort to devious means to get what they require but if it's for the sake of saving the world, it may be worth it.


Spy X family 11 manga winkel manga arnhem

Spy X family 11

Threatened by Yor's relationship with Melinda Desmond, Anya gets serious about her own friendship scheme. On the way to a museum field trip, however, she and her class become the target of activists looking to free their political allies.


manga kopen Sword art online pro

Sword art online pro 1

 Shiomi Miyoshi, Abec (CA) Abec, Shiomi Miyoshi Though the fourth floor of Aincrad was supposed to be only a dreary, dried up riverbed, it's been transformed into a lattice of countless canals! Kirito and Asuna will need a gondola if they want to continue forward.


mangawinkel manga arnhem Great yokai war gua boekwinkel

Great yokai war guardians 1

AN EXCITING KAIJU STORY BLENDED WITH THE YOKAI OF JAPANESE FOLKLORE, PERFECT FOR FANS OF BOTH! After giant kaiju threaten to destroy Japan, the guardian spirits of the nation, known as 'Yokai' appear before the young boy Kei. They tell him he is the descendant of the legendary monster slayer Watanabe no Tsuna, and may be the only person who can stop the catastrophe.


Uncanny counter 1 manga arnhem mangawinkel

Uncanny counter 1

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The word is that the noodle shop on the corner serves broth that's out of this world. But little do they know it's actually run by people from the afterlife! To be more precise, the restaurant is a front for individuals called Counters who have formed contracts with souls from the hereafter. They were given special powers for their job-hunting down renegade souls who have escaped into Earth to prey on the living. When So Mun, a highschooler disabled by a tragic car accident, is invited into the group, he hesitates...until he's offered a chance to meet his deceased parents as a reward. Can he complete the mission and tell them the words he never got to say?