Alweer een gedeelte van de eerste nieuwe manga en comic titels van deze week.


manga arnhem Friday at atelier 1 mangawinkel

Friday at atelier 1

Tamaki, a woman who's grown tired with her life, is one day asked by the famous painter Shunsui Ishihara to become his model. Not just any model, that is-a nude model. But when she accepts without hesitation, Ishihara is taken by her peculiar response and somehow falls for her? The misaligned love life between an oblivious girl and a handsome but extremely self-conscious artist begins here!?


manga arnhem Kept man princess knigh 1 mangawinkel

Kept man princess knigh 1

The labyrinth calls, and is answered by adventurers, profiteers, and anyone looking to make a quick buck. And in this town inhabited by the dregs of society live a man, and the woman who owns him. Arwen, the Princess knight with lofty dreams of restoring her homeland-and Matthew, the town drunk. As Arwen challenges the labyrinth, Matthew spends his days in taverns and brothels living off the money he gets from her. But the town laughingstock has a side that no one knows about. In service of Arwen, Matthew would do anything no matter how dirty he might get.


manga arnhem Mystery disappearanc 1 mangawinkel

Mysterious disappearanc 1

A novelist teams up with a demonic colleague to solve supernatural urban mysteries! Mysteries aren't just secrets, they're objects! There is the Elixir of the Moon, which restores one's youth! The Songs of Another World, which must never be uttered aloud. The Curious Report of the Enchanted Land, which contains the testimonies of those who have been spirited away! And now, in Tokyo, these mysteries and more are reappearing in the form of urban legends. Burnt-out novelist Ogawa Sumireko and demon boy Adashino Ren are out to collect as many as possible, but Sumireko has a knack for not just finding but triggering the magical effects of the mysteries! Will she survive her brush with the supernatural? Does the demonic Ren have other plans for her?


mangawinkel One punch man 28 manga kopen arnhem

One punch man 28

Psychos and Tornado's psychic battle rages on! With Genos's help, Tornado succeeds in rescuing the scattered heroes from their fight against the monsters, allowing her to unleash a devastating attack that warps the city. Although the outlook appears grim, a group of S-class heroes finds the inspiration to turn the tide of battle!


manga winkel Perks of Being  manga arnhem

Perks of Being 

From cooking to alchemy to even brewing tea, Ailette Rodeline is a certifiable child prodigy-but she's got a secret weapon on her side she's a transmigrator! Having purchased an insurance package at the moment of her untimely death, Ailette has the perks of a top-tier support system and item shop to fall back on and she's going to need all the help she can get! Will Ailette be able to survive in the world of a notoriously brutal time-loop novel or will she rise to the challenge and prove herself to be an S-class heroine?


Seoul before sunsrise manga arnhem

Seoul before sunsrise 

Longtime friends Seong-ji and Ji-won are excited to begin university in Seoul, swearing to stay close in the big city, but from the moment they arrive, they begin to drift apart.


manga kopen Get schooled 1 mangawinkel

Get schooled 1

It is the near future, and student violence in schools is out of control. In a questionnaire survey for teachers, 98.6% say it is far more challenging to teach students than in the past, and 85.8% say it is not only more challenging but now dangerous. Eventually, due to out of control youth violence, a teacher is murdered, and the news goes everywhere. As a result, public opinion calling for rapid changes to juvenile law boils over in all parts of the country. The Ministry of Education and the National Assembly, feeling the seriousness of the collapse of the teaching authority, take the news very seriously and revise the Teaching Rights Protection Act to create a single supervisory body. The name of the supervisory body is the Office of the Protection of Educational Rights. Hwajin Na becomes a supervisor of the Educational Rights Protection Bureau and is sent to a school where the collapse of authority is severe. His teaching techniques are violent for someone who works in the Ministry of Education. That being said, when punishments don't seem to work on even the worst of school bullies, there is no better man for the job. Sometimes you can't get a good education until those bullies are taught a lesson. Collecting the hugely popular Webtoon in print for the first time!