Alweer een gedeelte van de nieuwe manga en comics die donderdag 23 november binnen komen.


manga winkel Bungo stray dogs 6 manga arnhem

Bungo stray dogs wan 6

Make way for the hero of Bungo Day Care-Odasaku-man! Atsushi and Kyouka have a crepe party, Chuuya shows his appreciation for Dazai (!?), and other wholesome adventures await in the peaceful world of Bungo Stray Dogs!?


Jujutsu kaisen 21 manga arnhem marvel en comics

Jujutsu kaisen 21

Hakari and Panda head for Tokyo No. 2 Colony in search of Kashimo. When they enter, they get separated, and Hakari faces Charles, a culling game player and wannabe manga creator! Meanwhile, Panda encounters Kashimo and finds himself overwhelmed by their difference in strength!


manga arnhem Parallel world pharmacy 2 de noorman stripboekwinkel strips

Parallel world pharmacy 2

After Farma cures the white plague with a new medication, the emperor gives him imperial permission to open his own pharmacy. With help from Elen and Lotte, Farma serves the common folk at the pharmacy of his dreams.


manga Reborn to master blad 1 stripboeken arnhem de noorman

Reborn to master blad 1

Hero-King Inglis's last wish is to live again as a warrior. But when he awakens, he realizes he's been reborn as a girl to a noble family! When she's rejected from the knighthood, she sets out to be the most extraordinary squire there ever was.


manga Seraph end vampire reig 28 strips

Seraph end vampire reig 28

Yuichiro is forced to make a terrible decision-his family's lives, or Mika's. Mika tries to convince him to choose his family, forcing the two into a heart-wrenching argument. What will Yuichiro ultimately decide? Meanwhile, Urd and Rígr have captured Sika Madu, the First Progenitor, and demand to know the truth behind his plan and why he abandoned them. Betrayal, loss, and revelations span all sides of this war for the fate of humans, vampires, demons…and the world itself.


manga arnhem Villainess turns the stripboeken

Villainess turns the hourglass 1

Aria Roscent mercilessly bullied her stepsister Mielle and paid the ultimate price for her misdeeds-but not before Mielle revealed that she'd manipulated Aria into harassing Mielle in the first place! Instead of dying, Aria is sent back in time and gifted a strange hourglass with mysterious powers. Now, Aria's just got one goal: to embrace her role of villainess and utterly destroy Mielle's life!


Bungo stray dogs 23 mangashop manga arnhem de noorman stripboeken

Bungo stray dogs 23

As Gogol's deadly game continues, Dostoyevsky summons an ally to aid him in his escape-Chuuya, now a vampire! Dazai will have to say his farewells to his onetime partner if he wants to come through this life and death struggle in one peace. And meanwhile, Tetchou and Kenji clash at the airport…?!


Fifteen minu

Fifteen minutes before we realy date 1

Yuki and Natsuna live in the same apartment complex and have been childhood friends for ten years. One day on the way home, with their high school graduation fast approaching, they make a decision on a whim-to start dating! In the fifteen minutes before things get a little more serious, will their friendship finally blossom into love…?


Higurashi when they cry manga stripboeken

Higurashi when they cry



manga arnhem Kiss the scars stripboeken

Kiss the scars of the girls 1

Deep within a dense forest stands an academy for girls, whose students share a secret-they're all vampires. To learn to hunt without attracting human attention, the maidens forge bloody bonds of sisterhood, but what fate will their ties bring…?


Lord hadess ruthless

Lord hadess ruthless marriage 1

Hades-the powerful and terrifying King of the Underworld...and a bachelor! Despite his retainers' wishes, Hades refuses to give up his life as a single god, unconvinced that love and marriage are worth the hassle. But when Eros suddenly shoots him with an arrow of love, will he be able to successfully avoid falling head over heels with the next person he sees?


manga One more step come stand stripboeken arnhem de noorman

One more step come stand by my side

The wordless time a kidnapped princess and her fingerless caretaker spend together. The ten minutes an ordinary woman spends with her stalker. The six months a man learns is all he has left to spend with his beloved, terminally ill wife. These are some of the moments we have to share with the people featured in this collection of seven of Takeda Toryumon's manga one-shots, including his highly acclaimed The Wife I Loved Dearly.


Shiunuji family chil ,manga winkel

Shiunuji family chil

Arata Shiunji has never had a girlfriend, but with five incredible sisters and a younger brother, his life is far from lonely. Despite being surrounded by beautiful women every day, he begins to accept his days as a bachelor won't be ending anytime soon. But one day, all that changes when his father reveals to the family that he and his siblings aren't related by blood! Now all bets are off, and Arata's future promises to be rather nerve-wracking indeed...


Takopis original sin mangawinkel stripboeken de noorman arnhem manga

Takopis original sin

Deceptively cute alien Takopi lands on Earth. Now, what is Takopi's mission? To be taken to our leader? No, it's to spread happiness throughout the universe! The first person he meets is depressed fourth grader Shizuka. (Or is it...?) Takopi resolves to do whatever it takes to make Shizuka smile again. But his misguided attempts to cheer her up with his advanced alien technology and ability to turn back time only result in death and mayhem. What is the truth Takopi can't remember? And what must the alien octopus with a heart of gold sacrifice to truly help Shizuka and her friends...?


Try again manga

Try again

As a member of the Cacciatore Guild, Danielle Burroughs is one of the Underworld's most renowned hitmen. Despite her success, memories from her past bleed into the present - forcing her to reconcile the life she now leads. Events are set in motion once she kills Emilio Francesca, her caretaker, but accidentally ends up killing his daughter, Lilio, in the process. She realizes that she's had enough of this life, one now truly without meaning. In an attempt to leave it all behind, she soon realizes that even atonement has a price.