De eerste manga en comic titels van deze week.

Toky revengers omnibus 9

Toky revengers omnibus 9

After hearing Inui's heartfelt plea, Takemichi agrees to become the eleventh-generation leader of the Black Dragons, but there's no time to reflect on his newfound responsibility. The final showdown between Tenjiku and Toman is looming closer, and every day that goes by, the odds get worse and worse for Toman. Tenjiku is like no other enemy they've fought beforeto fight dirty, ready to go to any lengths to take all of Toman's toughest fighters off the field before the battle even begins. And the worst is yet to come, as Kisaki Tetta prepares a ruthless scheme that will strike at the very heart of Toman!


manga arnhem Venom Lethal protector life marvel de noorman stripboeken

Venom Lethal protector life

Venom vs. Doctor Doom! Venom co-creator David Michelinie returns with a new story set in the sinister symbiote's past, back when brains - and Spider-Man were still on the menu! Prepare for an epic that will take Venom far from the streets of NYC - all the way to the kingdom of Latveria! When Silver Sable and S.H.I.E.L.D. come calling, Venom is recruited into a battle to stop a tech-worshipping cult from getting their hands on a doomsday weapon. Speaking of doom, there's a certain supreme leader of Latveria who also has his titanium-armored eyes on the same prize - and he's not the only one! Brock is about to be challenged like never before! What (or who) will Venom need to overcome the fiercest foe in the Marvel Universe?


mangawinkel How do we relationship 10 manga arnhem stripboeken

How do we relationship 10

Miwa and Saeko broke up in part because they couldn't meet halfway on their differing needs, so when their new relationships begin to show signs of turning rocky, they're both determined to find a way to compromise. But discovering a happy medium is harder than they thought, especially when no one seems to be happy at all with how things are turning out.


Jojos bizarre adv  manga arnhem stripboekwinkel

Jojos bizarre adv 6

Jotaro arrives to break Jolyne out of jail, but they fall right into the enemy's trap, leaving father and daughter to fight for their lives inside a dream while their real bodies are being dissolved. Then, their unknown enemy steals Jotaro's Stand and memories, effectively putting him in a state that might as well be death. But there's hope! Ermes discovers that someone is storing memories and Stands in discs, and she and Jolyne volunteer for a search-and-rescue mission to find her father's discs!


manga Reig seven spellblades

Reig seven spellblades 10

The broomsports combat league has begun at Kimberly Magic Academy! Eager to showcase their growth as they enter their third year at school, Oliver and his friends split into three-person teams and enter the event. Nanao and her teammates, considered the top students of their year, are in for a fierce battle when they are targeted by other teams. Meanwhile, the general election for the student body president is finally underway, and the investigation into Enrico's disappearance continues… Will they ever find the person responsible?


See you in my 19the life 1 manga winkel stripboekwinkel

See you in my 19the life 1

Jieum Ban has a secret-she can remember the memories of her previous lives all 18 of them! This means she retains past knowledge, skills, and most importantly, the bonds with the people she cares about. Guided by the bittersweet memories of her last life, Jieum sets out to rekindle the love that was cut short by her tragic death. But little did she know her biggest rival would be her own past self.


manga boxer stripboeken

The boxer 5

With Yu having attained the title of Lightweight World Champion, K is now setting his protégé's sights on the next weight division to conquer, Junior Welterweight. This will inevitably pit Yu against Yuto Takeda, a tremendous boxer who earned his belt through nothing but hard work-the antithesis to Yu's natural talent. Will Yuto prove to be the first immovable obstacle in this unstoppable force's path of destruction?


Higurashi when they cry mangawinkel manga stripboekwinkel arnhem

Higurashi when they cry

 Another year, another death, another disappearance.... Will this year be the same? Newcomer Keiichi Maebara has long grown accustomed to the rhythm of his simple life in Hinamizawa. But when Keiichi stumbles upon a few old newspapers at a dump site, he quickly realizes the peaceful village and his beloved friends are hiding a deadly secret.Is the tragedy of the summer of 1983 doomed to repeat forevermore? New fragments and new mysteries await-from the creators of Higurashi and Tomato Akase, the brand-new sequel series to Higurashi When They Cry!!


Mob psycho 100 manga arnhem marvel

Mob psycho 100 - 13

The battle for the city is over, with Claw vanquished, and nothing to mark the struggle but the gigantic broccoli sprouting from the rubble. That's not a misprint, but it's also the beginning of still more trouble as this divine tree begins to attract spiritual devotees to Seasoning City in search of the psychic power at its root! Regardless of his incredible heroism and esper skills, Mob still needs to find a way forward in search of a normal life… but will the cult stalking him permit it?


Solo Leveling  8 mangawinkel manga arnhem

Solo Leveling  8

It's the final battle between the Rulers and Monarchs, and the remaining hunters rally against the armies of the Dragon King. But even if he wins, how will they ever recover from the tremendous loss? The fate of humanity rests in Jinwoo's hands.