Alvast weer de eerste nieuwe manga en comcis van deze week.


t fates cgakho manga winkel arnhem

7fates chakho 1

When ferocious tiger creatures called the Beom invade the human world, wreaking havoc and killing indiscriminately, Zeha finds his seemingly normal life flipped upside down. How did he end up in the hospital? Why can't he remember the brutal attack that landed him there? And what role does he have to play in stopping this waking nightmare? Find out in this tale of friendship and destiny, made in collaboration with BTS!


mangawinkel Honey trap shared house  manga arnhem

Honey trap shared house 1

i As a child, Hayato promised to marry his first love, Seraphy. Fifteen yeers later, he has become one of the world's greatest spies, all while never falling for the temptations of enemy agents. A mission to expose rival operatives turns chaotic when Hayato reunites with Seraphy, and each realizes the other is a spy. Now the pair must live together, torn between love and duty. The question is...who will break first?


mangashop Monthly in garden

Monthly in garden

Suga needs a change to get over her recent breakup and decides moving to a new home would be just the thing. She finds a great little place a little removed from the city with a lovely garden, but there's a catch-the house also comes in with a live-in landlord! Having a charming girl lazing about would be distracting enough, but it seems she's keeping a secret as well...


Mimis tales of terror manga kopen

Mimis tales of terror

Junji Ito University student Mimi and her boyfriend Naoto encounter one chilling mystery after another. There's the enigmatic neighbor woman dressed in black from head to toe-but if she's so odd, why does it seems like there are many others like her? Then, whose eyes track Mimi's movements from the cemetery next door?And why does a bizarre red circle drawn on a basement wall change with each passing day? Nine scary stories that really happened, drawn from the famed collection of urban legends Shin Mimibukuro (New Earmuffs), and adapted into manga by horror genius Junji Ito!


mangawinkel Cheerful amnesia 1 manga kopen

Cheerful amnesia 1

Arisa has lost her memories of the past three years, and her girlfriend Mari worries that means their love has vanished as well. But when Arisa lays eyes on her, it's love at first sight all over again! Hoping to rekindle what they had, Mari decides to help Arisa experience things with her once more, from dates, to kissing, and beyond.



Wrong to pick up girls in dungeon 4 

Taisei Yamachi, Suzuhito Yasuda In order to stop the Killing Stone Ritual and rescue Haruhime, Bell and Mikoto return to Ishtar Familia's home turf. With a thunderous roar, Bell unleashes his Firebolt-but just as victory seems within reach, his hopes are dashed when he finds himself face-to-face with Aisha Belka, the woman who so soundly defeated him in their last battle. Swelling with resolve, Bell is determined to win against all odds! With the princess's freedom on the line, the final battle begins!


Nina Starry bride 1 de noorman mangashop manga winkel

Nina Starry bride 1

Winner of the Kodansha Manga Award, this fantasy shojo manga features intertwining constellations of palace intrigue and perilous romance, for fans of The Ancient Magus' Bride, The Apothecary Diaries, and Snow White With the Red Hair. Nina had a rough start to life, orphaned and stealing to survive, only to be abducted for her unusual lapis lazuli eyes. But to her surprise, her captor, Prince Azure, ordained that she would live the life of a princess... specifically, that of the recently deceased princess-priestess, Alisha, who had her same eyes. Despite her changing fortune, Nina won't give up her old life without a fight. Azure might just be the one to finally match her wits, but how much can she trust him? And can she stop the feelings budding in her heart, knowing she must eventually marry another?


manga winkel arnhem Something wrong with us 17

Something wrong with us 17

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i Ando Following in her mother's footsteps, Nao became a traditional Japanese sweets maker, and at 21, she's about to take the industry by storm. With unparalleled artistry and a bright attitude, she gets an offer to work at a world-class confectionary company. But when she meets the young, handsome owner, she recognizes his cold stare. It's none other than Tsubaki, her childhood friend and first crush, the same boy who stood over his father's bloodied body 15 years ago, and framed Nao's mother for the murder. As the only witness of that fateful night, Nao is eager to chase down the truth and confirm her suspicions. Since Tsubaki has no clue who she is, she seizes her chance to get close to him, but instead of finding any answers, she begins falling deeper for Tsubaki's allure.


Go go loser ranger 7 manga winkel mangashop

Go go loser ranger 7

 Thirteen years ago, an evil army of mysterious alien monsters invaded the Earth, but the great protectors of mankind-the Divine Dragon Rangers-rose up to stop them! To this day, the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance as the fierce struggle continues to unfold! Or does it? In truth, the evil aliens were subjugated within the first year, and they've now become nothing more than clowns forced to act out their continuous defeat every week for the entertainment of the masses. But one of the aliens has had enough. Something has to change! He'll rebel against the strongest might of the Dragon Rangers and destroy them all from the inside!