Alweer alvast een gedeelte van de nieuwe manga en comics die deze week binnen komen.


manga STITCHES de noorman stripboekwinkel mangawinkel


A tumor shaped like a man's face slowly moves across a woman's body. The sea shoots glowing balls into the sky, much to the distress of beachgoers. And a girl dressed up for a holiday has no eyes, no nose, nothing-her face is a total blank. Hirokatsu Kihara pens true stories of unsolved mysteries, stitched together with page after page of Junji Ito's original illustrations in this collection of nine eerie tales and a bonus manga story.


jojo bizarre mangawinkel manga arnhem

Jojo's bizarre adventures 3-6

A multigenerational tale of the heroic Joestar family and their never-ending battle against evil! Our heroes have made it to India! And if their enemies don't get them, the culture shock will! But before they even have time to settle in, evil Stand users are upon them. If you thought the enemies they fought before were strange, wait until you see what they're up against now. The trippiest road trip ever continues!


manga Atelier ryza manga ever mangawinkel arnhem

Atelier ryza manga ever

Even though everyone has them, the memories we create with our friends are special to each and every one of us. Enter the world of Atelier Ryza, where a wild and tomboyish young girl has her entire world turned upside down during an extraordinary encounter. An unforgettable adventure awaits Ryza and her friends. Based on the original RPG video game!


Spider-man India seva manga en comics arnhem

Spider-man India seva

India's Spider-Man stars in his first series in almost twenty years! Pavitr Prabhakar is back, fresh from The End of the Spider-Verse, in his own universe's Mumbai. But things aren't exactly simple. There's a science professor promising results activating people's lizard brain, along with a ruthless businessman who may be more than he seems! As a new Lizard emerges to threaten all of Mumbai, its new and terrifying abilities could make it the most powerful version yet! Spider-Man is the city's only hope, but victory will come at a cost - one Pavitr may not be ready for! How can he pick up the pieces when the entire city is turning against him?! The bloodthirsty creature's next move may mean a death sentence for Pavitr should he ever don his costume on the city streets again!


manga arnhem Tokyo revengers omnibus 10 mangawinkel

Tokyo revengers omnibus 10

With half its leaders beaten and broken, and even more of them turned traitor, the Tokyo Manji Gang is left facing down Tenjiku's overwhelming gang of four hundred delinquents with only fifty people. Tenjiku calls itself a criminal organization, and their leader Kurokawa Izana will stop at nothing to make Mikey share all the pain he's felt for so many years. The bad blood goes all the way back to their childhoods, and between the fists and the tears, their shared history will soon come to light.