Alweer alvast de eerste manga en comics titels van deze week.


mangawinkel BORUTO GN VOL 17 NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS manga en comci

Boruto naruto 17

Boruto prepares to unleash the full power of his Karma against Code, but the stress on his body may be more than he can take. Meanwhile, Naruto heads to the battlefield to rescue his son, but will he make it in time?


mangawinkel arnhem Kaguya sama love is war manga

Kaguya sama love is war 26

Will Kaguya's friends be able to rescue her from the clutches of her ruthless family? Miyuki does his best to negotiate with Kaguya's father for his daughter's freedom to live and love as she chooses. But Miyuki isn't the only one vying for Kaguya's hand… Then, the rest of Kaguya's friends-Chika, Ai, Yu, Miko, and Maki-use everything at their disposal to find and save her, from blackmail to electronic trackers to skateboards? Where there's a will, there's a way.


manga winkel Sakamoto days 9  mangastore

Sakamoto days 9

Sakamoto comes running to Shin's aid and clashes violently with Shinaya, who's being controlled by Gaku! Our heroes are striving to get information on X, who continues to operate in the shadows, but nothing has gone as planned during the JCC transfer test. How will it all end?


mangawinkel arnhem manga Yona of the dawn 39 stripboeken de noorman arnhem

Yona of the dawn 39

Synopsis The battle between Kohka and South Kai intensifies, and Hak has no choice but to disguise himself as a South Kai soldier! To make matters worse, he runs into General Rahn, with whom he has crossed swords before. Now Hak's identity as a citizen of Kohka is exposed, and he's still in enemy territory with no backup!



Invincible Iron man

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Tony Stark has lost it all. His company, his money  maybe even his sobriety. But Stark doesn't realize he still has so much more to lose, especially when assassins start to come for him! As a familiar foe returns to destroy him once and for all, at least Ironheart is in Tony's corner. But what secret is Riri Williams harboring, and will it change their relationship forever? Soon, another close friend is found dead - and it looks like Tony is the killer. Who is the real murderer? Why are they trying to frame Iron Man? And exactly how far will they go to strike at everything he holds dear? All this, plus Emma Frost! A new armor for War Machine! And the untold story of?Iron Man vs. the West Coast Avengers?!