Alweer de eerste nieuwe manga en comic titels die deze week gaan verschijnen.


mangawinkel manga arnhem Akane Banashi 1

Akane Banashi 1

Akane unintentionally stirs up the specter of scandal when she's discovered taking informal lessons from her father's former teacher, Shiguma Arakawa. But she's about to make even bigger waves, because her first step in climbing the ranks of rakugo performer from zenza opening act to shin'uchi headliner is exchanging her secret lessons for formal training. And she'll still have to finish high school and navigate her relationship with Shiguma's existing apprentices, all while learning that becoming a stellar rakugo performer takes much more than just being good at performing!


mangawinkel Komi cant communicate manga en comics marvel strips

Komi can't communicate 26

Tadano's sister and mom are super supportive about his romantic prospects-they just somehow got the wrong idea about who he's dating! So it comes as a bit of a shock to them when he introduces Komi as his new girlfriend. Awkwardness abounds, but after three years of intense training, Komi is ready to face the challenge of talking to her boyfriend's family!


mangawinkel Pokemon sword & shield 7 mangashop manga en comcis arnhem marvel strips kopen

Pokemon sword & shield 7

Henry adds the Comedian Pokémon Mr. Rime to his team and names it Kayne. After a complicated but ultimately successful Gym battle, Henry and Casey head to Spikemuth, where they are confronted by two Pokémon who are obviously being controlled by someone. Who are these two menacing new Pokémon Trainers?


manga winkel Villainess level 99 mangawinkel arnhem manga en comics marvel strips kopen

Villainess level 99

A college student finds herself resurrected as Eumiella, an evil daughter of the nobility in the world of an Otome RPG that she played in her previous life. In the RPG, Eumiella isn't worth thinking about at first, but in the endgame content she returns as a hidden boss, complete with ridiculous stats that put her on par with even the game's heroes. After being essentially abandoned by her parents at their family domain, the flames of Eumiella's former gamer soul are ignited, and she takes to leveling, and leveling, and leveling, until... at the time of enrolling in the Royal Academy, she discovers that she is level 99. Though she'd originally planned to live a peaceful and discreet life, the game's heroine and her love interests suspect that Eumiella is in fact the infamous Demon Lord. So begins the fantasy tale of a most powerful, evil hidden boss (who wishes she could just live a life of peace and quiet).