Alvast de eerste nieuwe manga en comic titels van deze week.


manga winkel arnhem Something wrong with us 16 comics

Something wrong with us 16

Following in her mother's footsteps, Nao became a traditional Japanese sweets maker, and at 21, she's about to take the industry by storm. But when she meets the young, handsome owner, she recognizes his cold stare... It's none other than Tsubaki, her childhood friend and first crush, the same boy who stood over his father's bloodied body 15 years ago, and framed Nao's mother for the murder. As the only witness of that fateful night, Nao is eager to chase down the truth and confirm her suspicions. She seizes her chance to get close to him, but instead of finding any answers, she begins falling deeper for Tsubaki's allure...



Star wars high republiek phase 2

The battle of Jedha continues! As Tey Sirrek defends the Temple of the Kyber, Vildar Mac is buried alive - with only his belief in the Force to keep him alive. But Vildar is a Jedi beset by doubts, scarred by a past he should've forgotten years ago. Who can come to his aid as the Holy City tears itself apart? Vildar, Tey and Matthea Cathley are forced into a corner, with enemies closing in all around, and a secret of the hidden Jedi vault is revealed. As one Jedi lies dying in Jedha's frozen desert, another is missing. And all the time, the Leveler waits in the shadows, desperate to feed! Can Vildar resist the lure of the dark side? Or must he become what he fears the most to survive!


manga en comics arnhem stripboeken marvel Children of whales 22

Children of whales 22

 The people of the Mud Whale and Kivitos are all that stand between the world and certain destruction. But even with their combined strengths, are they enough to stop a monster driven by madness and caprice? Or will they all drown in the crashing waves of a Kataklymós unleashed?


Dead company 1 mangawinkel arnhem manga

Dead company 1

A death game where players are forced to kill one another until there's only one person left standing! This is the story of Ryosuke Miyauchi, a young man who survived a real-life battle royale game three years ago, and who has been struggling to live a normal life since then. One day, Ryosuke was scouted by the enormously popular game developer EDC, who asked him, 'Why don't you use your special experience to make a game?'


manga heart

Heart gear 1

After Roue accidentally activates Chrome without a base program, what's essentially his soul, she and Uncle Zett invite him into their makeshift family and encourage him to choose his own purpose. But when an insane machine attacks their home, will Chrome survive, much less find his purpose?


manga winkel manga Jujutsu kaisen 20 de noorman stripboeken arnhem

Jujutsu kaisen 20

Synopsis Fushiguro and Reggie have nearly crushed each other to death. Reggie makes a move to break the stalemate and bring their battle to its climax! Meanwhile, Okkotsu disrupts the four-way standoff between jujutsu fighters in the Sendai colony, leading to a fierce battle involving reincarnated sorcerers and a special grade cursed spirit!


manga en comics mangawinkel mangashop arnhem Rooster fighter 4

Rooster fighter 4

Keiji managed to save an imperiled town from being swept away, inspiring all who witnessed his heroic feat. Keiji's, Elizabeth's, and Chicken Little's fame has begun to spread, even among other birds. When a group of pigeons challenges the pride of chickens everywhere, there's only one way to defend it-a group date! But trouble follows Keiji everywhere he goes, and the appearance of a mysterious demon and a rooster claiming to be Keiji's half-brother can only complicate things...