Alweer alvast de eerste nieuwe manga en comic titels van deze week.


Dragon ball super 18 mangawinkel marvel strips arnhem

Dragon ball super 18

Granolah and Goku's battle reaches its climax! And Granolah is willing to put his life on the line to take Vegeta down with him too! But suddenly, Monaito appears with an important message for all three fighters-the truth about what happened on planet Cereal all those years ago…


Sakamoto days 8 manga kopen arnhem marvel strips comics

Sakamoto days 8

In the third stage of the JCC transfer test, the participants are divided into multiple teams for a deadly game of 'tail tag.' Three applicants, who have skipped the opening stages of the exam because of special endorsements from seasoned assassins, cause a stir with their disturbing styles. Meanwhile, Shin is determined to show Mr. Sakamoto-who just so happens to be an opponent in this round-that he's made progress! 


mangawinkel RAVEN OF INNER PALACE manga kopen arnhem marvel strips star wars

Raven inner place 2

Ayuko A tale of dark magic and court intrigue in a setting inspired by historical China--anime soon! Deep within the palace lives a mysterious woman known only as the Raven Consort. Some say she's an old woman, others that she's young and beautiful. But all are agreed on this: her dark arts have the power to exorcise spirits, lay fatal curses, and find what has been lost-for a price. When the young emperor, Koushou, seeks out the Raven Consort to make use of that magic, what follows will overturn the court...and perhaps even the country.