Alweer alvast de eerste nieuwe manga en comic titels van deze week.


manga Jojos bizarrare adventures part 5 mangawinkel arnhem

Jojos bizarrare adventures part 5 - 9 

 Bruno Bucciarati, and the surviving members of the gang have found themselves in the presence of the Boss, and his Stand ability appears to be invincible. After a long fight across Italy, after surviving so many battles and losing so many friends, the gang may not have a chance but they haven't given up yet, and they don't plan to now. They'll need everything they've got-and maybe even a whole lot more than that-to survive what the Boss has in store for them!


manga kopen arnhem Not sew wicked stepmon mangawinkel marvel strips stripboekwinkel

Not sew wicked stepmon 1

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young princess who suffered under her cruel stepmother…that is, until a children's clothing designer is reborn as the evil stepmother! All the new Queen Abigail Friedkin wants to do is dote on the adorable Princess Blanche and give her the happy childhood she deserves. The problem is, the previous Abigail has garnered a reputation for being extremely jealous and materialistic-and to top it off, her smile is the stuff of children's nightmares! Will Abigail be able to convince her stepdaughter that she might not be so wicked after all?


I DONT KNOW HOW TO GIVE BIRTH  mangawinkel arnhem de noorman stripboekwinkel strips marvel

I dont know how to give birth 

The humorous and heartfelt autobiographical comic essay of an otaku manga artist! Follow her journey as she learns the ins and outs of pregnancy and childbirth.


Solo Leveling 7 mangawinkel manga kopen arnhem de noorman strips  comics marvel

Solo Leveling 7

The Jeju Island raid is underway, and the elite team of Korean hunters has finally come face-to-face with the ant queen! Soon, Jeju Island would be theirs to reclaim from the magic beasts after four long years-or so they thought. Little did they know that her strongest soldier would be unlike any magic beast they'd ever fought before!