Alweer de eerste nieuwe manga en comics die deze week gaan verschijnen.


manga en comics my friend toby

My friend Toby

Toby is a simple dog living in a seaside country village, indulging in the joys of nature with his freedom-loving artist master. Almost always hungry, nothing matters more to Toby than his master whom he consoles, exasperates, and sometimes inspires. Toby is happy living his life of carelessness, and yet thoughts and memories start to haunt him, tormenting him with questions.


I dont need a happy ending manga arnhem stripboekwinkel de noorman arnhem

I dont need a happy ending

From office workers to high schoolers to a mistress and her maid, dive into a collection of girls love stories from the author of Assorted Entanglements! Mikanuji delivers a tantalizing mix of sweet and spicy in this anthology-including a brand-new epilogue for her short story 'I Don't Need a Happy Ending'!


mangawinkel ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO MONSTER GIRLS manga arnhem de noorman strips

Guide to monster girls

In the world of monsters, where scaring and tormenting humans is a way of life, even monster girls need to pass their classes, graduate and get a job! Enter Class Z a bunch of failures more likely to be frightened and bullied themselves. Can this rag-tag group of underdogs become successful full-fledged monsters?


manga en comics RED GOBLIN TP VOL 01 IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY mangawinkel arnhem stripboeken de noorman

Red goblin it runs in 

The newest - and deadliest - Red Goblin! Spinning out of the pages of VENOM, young Normie Osborn receives his own symbiote at last! Will Normie fulfill his destiny as the grandson of the original Green Goblin? Or will he and his symbiote finally break the cycle and make a difference for the better? Meanwhile, a new Goblin King reigns under the streets of New York as the leader of a resurgent Goblin Nation! But why has he kidnapped Norman Osborn? And why has he siphoned off gallons of Osborn's Goblin Serum-infused blood?! That can't be good! Things get even worse when Cletus Kasady returns to New York, determined to paint the town blood red! Normie's determination to prove himself puts him on a nightmarish collision course with Carnage! 


Spider-man 2099 dark genesis manga en comics stripboekwinkel de noorman mangawinkel arnhem

Spider-man 2099 dark genesis

Future filled with new heroes and villains! Steve Orlando (SCARLET WITCH, SPIDER-MAN 2099: EXODUS) continues his journey through the dark tomorrow of 2099! As society begins to crumble, Spider-Man 2099 will need all the help he can get - but does the public even want him to save their neighborhood? Or do they all just want to watch this twisted world burn? When Nueva York comes under attack from Carnage 2099, Miguel O'Hara must gather new allies to stand against this terrifying threat! Enter Blade 2099: zombie hunter! Punisher 2099 reborn! Plus: future versions of Daredevil, Moon Knight, Spider-Woman and Ghost Rider! They all must face the horror of Halloween Jack, Carnage 2099 and his hive army! And death will fall on both sides!


manga winkel mangawinkel Tokyo revengers omnibus 7 de noorman stripboeken arnhem

Tokyo revengers omnibus 7

The decisive Christmas battle between Toman and the Black Dragons is finally over. Against all odds, Takemichi untangled a web of family drama and averted a bloody murder. But there's still the problem of his relationship with Hina. To try and keep her safe from the violence that surrounds the world of delinquents, he broke up with her in no uncertain terms. Just how will Takemichi's relationship echo back to a changed future, along with the lives he saved?