Onderstaand een klein gedeelte van de manga en comics die deze week en in onze vakantie zijn binnen gekomen. 


manga winkel arnhem Chiro Star project

Chiro Star project

Eunyu lives the life of a modern-day princess. She grew up famous as a child model. All the boys love her. All the girls hate her. Day after day, money and opportunity knocks on her door begging to be allowed inside. Then, one day, she falls in love with an ordinary honor student Chankyung. At the same, Eunyu's alluring face draws the obsessive attention of popular teen icon Inan. Inan desires Eunyu no matter the cost. One boy has the world on a string. The other boy has Eunyu. Only one will win


mangawinkel Drcl midnight children 1 manga comics marvel

Drcl midnight children 1

The work of the devil dashes Russian cargo ship the Demeter upon the cliffs of Whitby Harbor, unleashing a demonic plague onto the unsuspecting students of Whitby School. Meanwhile, Mina struggles to find her place as the only girl at the male-dominated academy. She will have to prove herself when this unspeakable evil lays claim to her beloved companion Lucy Westerna



manga winkel Jungle juice 1 mangawinkel stripboeken arnhem de noorman

Jungle juice 1

 Juder Every society has its hierarchy, and college student Suchan Jang is at the top of the human one. Though popular and well-liked, he has a secret that keeps him from getting close to others: under his clothes lies a pair of hidden insect wings. But when he's forced to expose them to save the girl he likes, his world is turned upside down-and Suchan promptly becomes prey in the insect food chain!


manga kopen Maiden of the needle stripboekwinkel strips de noorman

Maiden of the needle 1

 Miho Takeoka Yui was reincarnated into another world as a member of the noble Nuir family. But when it appears that she failed to inherit her family's unique enchanted tailoring gifts, the young seamstress is in for a life of torment and misfortune. Will a meeting with a kind-hearted noble be enough to change her fate?


mangawinkel One punch man 26 comics manga marvel stripboeken arnhem de noorman strips

One punch man 26

 As the fight against the Monster Association big shots heats up, Class-S heroes find themselves locked in a desperate struggle, but Tornado is closing in on Gyoro-Gyoro's main body! Meanwhile, Blackluster confronts Garo, while Saitama wanders the labyrinth where the Monster Association is hiding out.


marvel Marvel verse Kraven stripboeken de noorman arnhem strips

Marvel verse Kraven

In the whole Marvel-Verse, nobody is as skilled a hunter as Kraven - and these are the tales that show how nobody is safe from his predatory prowess! Sergei Kravinoff and his family will prove more than a match for a trio of action-packed arachnid adventurers - Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales! But it is Spider-Man who will prove to be Kraven's greatest rival - and his ultimate prey! Whether the Hunter is targeting Peter himself, or setting his sights on the winged menace known as the Vulture, you can guarantee that the ensuing Kraven/Spidey battle will be wild! But when Kraven switches his focus to Deadpool, the chaos will attract the attention of the Avengers! 


Spirits & cat ears 11 manga store arnhem de noorman comics stripboeken

Spirits & cat ears 11

Neneko's investigation of the Saiguu family and the bridge where Yukari's life changed forever has taken an even darker turn. As Neneko's surroundings are enveloped by a black, swirling mist, she fights to break free from the haze, striking back at her would-be assailants. They attempt to defend themselves, but Neneko's reason is failing her, and she can see nothing but red.


Stray cat & wolf mangawinkel manga arnhem

Stray cat & wolf

 Following the death of her father, Tamaki leaves her village to attend high school in the capital. Although she had intended to live alone, when she's offered a place at a stranger's apartment after collapsing in the street, well...did she mention he's pretty hot?!


Alice in Borderland 7 manga mangawinkel arnhem stripboekwinkel de noorman

Alice in Borderland 7

The Face Card games continue to be a deadly challenge to Borderland's visitors, with most having complicated or confusing rules meant to trick players into dooming themselves. In contrast, the King of Spades' game is refreshingly direct-kill or be killed. Can an uneasy coalition of visitors band together to take down the sniper King before his bullets declare game over for everyone?


Glitch manga kopen arnhem de noorman strips


Are you one of the ones who can see them? Minato notices something strange about their new town on their very first day of school, when they witness an eerie shadow. Together with their little sister, Akira, and their new friends, they set out to investigate what's behind the bizarre visions plaguing them.